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Welcome to Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
A one-stop-center for all your security Equipment & Services

    We offer the following Products & Services:

  • Advanced Security, Protection and Spy Equipment
  • Shatter-resistant Glass Laminate Importation, Supply & Installation
  • Intelligent CCTV Camera Installation
  • Liquid Armour Applications
  • Vehicle Anti-Scratch Nano Liquid
  • Police/Military Dazzler Laser
  • Mobile Phone/Bomb Jammers
  • VIP Protection Gadgets & Training
  • Communication Gadget, e.g Microwave/Digital Walkie Talkie
  • Internet solutions, Mast/Tower Construction and Installation
  • Residential Building Threat Analysis
  • Cybercrime Detection & Prevention
  • Private Detective, Undercover Investigations & Intelligence Services
  • Counter-terrorism, Counter-ambush & Anti-Kidnapping Training
  • VIP Driver Counter-terrorist Training
  • Advanced Private Security Guard Setup, Re-Training & Consultancy

We are  sole/major importers of shatter-resistant window glass laminate, liquid nano, intelligence drones, blinding dazzler lasers and other super-advanced modern security and self defence technologies in Nigeria and West Africa

Liquid Nano & Bitumen Coatings

Our liquid nano can be applied on vehicle windshield to prevent cracking and shattering due to impact from external objects such as flying stones, hammer hit etc. It can also be applied on vehicle body to prevent against any kind of scratch. We are also specialist in anti-rust  undervehicle military grade asphalt/bitumen coating

Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd (a member of Armourcop Security Group) was formed in 2012, as a direct response to existing service needs in the High-End Security/Counter-Terrorism and Information Technology (IT) sector. We are committed to excellence in the provision of complete high-breed Security, Intelligence, Counter-terrorist solutions, Information Technology and Telecommunication services. 

We have expertise in the area of: Target hardening, Cyber warfare, Cyber security, Military Thermal Long-Distance Surveillance Systems Installations, Shatter Resistant Glass Laminate, Special Forces gear and night-vision equipment, VIP Car Armouring, LAN, VLAN, FiberOptic, and Earthing, Wi-Fi, Advanced CCTV Camera setup and Lightning protection systems.

Our vision is to be The leading client focused High-End Security, Intelligence, Counter-terrorism, ICT/Telecommunication Solutions Provider in Nigeria particularly and Africa in general, delivering cost effective and reliable solutions.

Our mission is geared toward assisting our clients to enhance their businesses wherever the location, place or terrain might be and increase their profits by deploying cost effective and reliable Security, Intelligence, Counter-terrorism, Internet/Telecommunications solutions.

What We Do: Products/Services:

Armourcop VIP Protection Solutions (AVPS)
This is our premier department that is solely responsible for highly-sophisticated security protection equipment and gadgets such as: Explosion/Shatterproof Glass Laminate, Liquid Armour, VIP Armoured Vehicles, Self-defence Gadgets, and Military Grade Under-vehicle Asphalt Coating etc

Armourcop Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism Unit (AICU)
This is one of the most strategic unit in the entire Armourcop Security Group. With assistance from our sister company: Agent-X VIP Bodyguard Services Ltd , it provides timely intelligence, counter-intelligence, target profiling, phone location tracking, vehicle GPS tracking, individual/company background checks, threat/risk analysis, geographical intelligence, counter-ambushing and terrorist driver/bodyguard training mainly to law-enforcement agencies and critical national/private corporations/organizations.

Armourcop Cyber-warfare & Defence Unit (Unit-X)
This our unit in collaboration with another sister company:
International Center for Non-Verbal Intelligence Studies Ltd , is responsible for all cyber security issues, including defence, threat monitoring/mitigation, counter-attack, training and consultancy
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