Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
A Member of Armourcop Security Groups

Tel: 234 - 8132400150

Nano-Liquid-Armour Hammer Test
A new technology is born. The race for indestructability of all our smart gadgets, phones, laptops, TVs, Wristwatches, SUV cars, Yatchs, Ships, Planes, Helicopters Homes, offices and more, has just began. The Nano-Liquid-Armor. Protection is everything. Beauty is optional.
Watch the amazing live video hammer test on a smart phone screen coated with Nano-Liquid-Armor Technology. Make cool millions from this multi-purpose nano coating technology. Contact us today to become one of our key or major distributor
Anti-blast Glass Safety Film Test
The ultimate protection and security for all kinds of vehicle/building glasses
Armourcop Anti-blast safety shatterproof glass laminate is the latest in vehicles and building window/door glasses protection against breakage from force impact such as: Bomb explosion mitigation, stray bullets, traffic roberry, kidnapping, stone throwing, vehicular accidents, mob attacks and more. Protection level depends on laminate thickness (8mil, 12mil, 14mil,16mil, 18mil or 21mil) number of laminate layers  installed and glass thickness. Laminate can be installed on new or existing window/door glasses. No renovation required. Laminate is transparent, no blocking of your view. Can be installed on vehicle glasses, building/office glassses, ship/aircraft glasses, military installation, government offices, showrooms, airport towers etc
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Welcome to Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd is the major importers of: Anti-blast Safety Glass Laminate and Nano-Liquid-Armor Coating for: Smart Phones/TVs, Laptops, Expensives Wristwatches Screens & to protect all types of Glasses. A member of the Armourcop Security Group which comprises of more additional two organizations; The International Center for Non-Verbal Intelligence Studies ( , and Agent-X VIP BodyGuard Services Ltd ( .

We are provider of newest super-advanced VIP protection and Law-enforcement/ Intelligence Agencies  Equipment, Software, Strategic Training, Analysis, Forecasting and Consultancy. The group is a one-stop-center for both law-enforcement, corporate organization, VIP and individuals officers/personnel latest protection, tracking, intelligence tools and training needs.

The Anti-blast/shatterproof Security Window  Glass Laminate and the Bombproof Wallpaper are installed on any type of vehicle or building window glasses/walls to resist against accidental breakage, stray bullets, bomb explosion mitigations, mob attacks, traffic-robbery and others. Why the Liquid Armour is applied on the screens of Smart Phones, TV, Wristwatches, Laptop etc to protect against any kind of breakage or impact. And we are the major/sole importers of the Safety Glass Laminate/bombproof wallpaper and the Nano-Liquid-Armour protectors in Nigeria and West Africa sub-region. Other of our uniques products are listed below. Please contact us for a full details of any product of your choice.
Other of our unique products, Software and Services  includes:

Armoured Vehicles, SUV, Vans, Trucks, APCs etc

Nano Liquid Armor Screens & Glass Protectors (for smart phones, TV, Vehicles etc)

Counter-Terrorist Laser Dazzler (Flash Blinders)

Electric Shockers (Demobilizers), All Latest Police Equipment,

Special Covert GPS Trackers,

Special VIP/Celebrities BodyGuard Services,

High-Risk Transport Services

Special Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Training & more