Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
A Member of Armourcop Security Groups

Tel: 234 - 8132400150

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Welcome to Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd is a member of the Armourcop Security Group which comprises of; The International Center for Non-Verbal Intelligence Studies ( , and Agent-X VIP BodyGuard Services Ltd ( . We are provider of newest super-advanced VIP protection and Law-enforcement/ Intelligence Agencies  Equipment, Software and Strategic Training. The group is a one-stop-center for both law-enforcement, corporate organization, VIP and individuals officers/personnel latest protection, tracking, intelligence tools and training needs.
The Explosion/shatterproof Window  Glass Laminate that is installed on vehicle and building window/door glass to protect against stray bullets, bomb explosion mitigations, mob attacks, traffic-robbery and other threats is one of our premier product. And we are the sole importer of the laminate in Nigeria and West Africa sub-region. Other of our uniques products are listed below. Please contact us for a full details of any product of your choice.
Other of our unique products, Software and Services  includes:

Armoured Vehicles, SUV, Vans, Trucks, APCs etc

Liquid Armour

Counter-Terrorist Laser Dazzler (Flash Blinders)

Electric Shockers (Demobilizers), All Latest Police Equipment,

Special Covert GPS Trackers,

Special VIP/Celebrities BodyGuard Services,

High-Risk Transport Services

Special Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Training & more