Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
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Our  Anti-blast/shatter-proof safety glass laminate, Bombproof Wallpaper and the Nano-Liquid-Armor are the newest and ultimate in anti-terrorist glass/wall security and screen protection technology. They can be installed on existing or new glass windows  of vehicles, buildings, homes, offices or screens of smart phones, TV, Laptop, expensive Wristwatches etc. When installed occupants are protected from direct fatal impart of terrorist bomb attacks, robbery or burglary incident, as the film will hold the glass together and prevent direct penetration.,  Additionally, you and your loved ones can also be protected from flying glasses during fatal vehicular accident or natural disasters such as; earthquakes, typhoon etc Read More
Laser Blinder or Dazzlers are specialized green high-energy beam lights that are designed to temporarily blind an attacked from a distance of over 1000 meters at night and 250 meters at daytime for about 30-60 minutes
Liquid Nano and Liquid Armour protects your expensive smart phones, wristwatches, TV, laptops etc screen against any type of impact. When applied, it turns your smart devices screens into shatterproof, waterproof, scratchproof
Armourcop Security Group is a major/sole importers of high-quality armoured vehicles and UAVs (Drones)  in Nigeria and West Africa. Our armoured vehicles and UAVs are designed for law-enforcement/intelligence/military agencies and VIPs use. Our range includes: Latest SUV, APC, Cash-In-Transit Vans, Anti-Riot Trucks and more
Armourcop Security Group is the major/sole importers of commercial unmanned arial vehicles (drones) in Nigeria for Law-enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Oil & Gas Companies and other commercial entities. Our drones can be applied to Security, Surveillance/Intelligence, Rescues/Emergency operations, Agriculture, Mapping/Survey and many more. Please note that all sales must have NCAA and ONSA permit/approval. Contact us for details