Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
A Member of Armourcop Security Groups

Tel: 234 - 8132400150



  1. Provision of super-high-tech security equipment such as:
    The Anti-blast, Explosion/Shatterproof Glass Security Laminate, Laser Blinders, Transparent Liquid Armour etc
    We also provides Intelligence software such as GSM tracking solutions for law-enforcement agencies.
  2. Provision of Strategic Security Subjects Training
    We offer strategic security related training through our training organization: ICNIS
    Theses Training include: Lie Detection, Intelligence Analysis & Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Digital Computer Forensics & Investigations etc
  3. VIP BodyGuard and Close Protection Services
    We offer one of the best VIP Close Protection and Bodyguard Driver Services in Nigeria
    through our protection company: Agent-X VIP Bodyguard Services Ltd. Contact us today to see how we can serve you better